Day 2 in London

So day 2 we did a lot of walking!! It was a day with no stop. I saw so many things that I will write up a list and say something short about every place.
Hyde Park: A very beautiful park with a lot of trees and open spaces. Wich we had more time to walk around. The ideal would be to go and have a picnic there.
Buckingham Palace: I saw the palace a couple of years ago but it still made me want to take a lot of pictures! It's a beautiful building, and you can stand there for a long time and just look at the details.
London Bridge: It's a beautiful bridge! But the most fun was to do a jump picture on it.
Tower of London: I have seen documentrys about the tower and it was so much fun just telling my friends all the stories! The high light was the jewles and going into the white tower. Cant believe that so many people was tortured and killed here. Well I understand why people thought it was scary to look at! 
Millenium bridge: The bridge that was in the Harry Potter movie. Can recomend. It's a beautiful bridge made of glas for about 50%. 
Shakspears Globe: Shakspears theater where Queen Elizabeth I went to see his plays. Didnt walk inside so i would recommend doing it. Must be so beautiful. And the building looked like a globe!
Big Ben and the parlament: It was awesome to see Big Ben again! Last time for me it was in 2001. The funny thing is I decided to copy the photo I took at 2001. Was standing in the same place with the same pose. It was awesome. 
The Dungens: Think about a hunted house that lasts for about 2 hours!!! Thats what the dungons is. Very good actors that told stories about murder and historical events in London history. I recommend it!! I was really scared a couple of times. And the assistent of Sweeny Todd thought I had beautiful hair that could be made into a wig after he killed me.
Aquarium: The Aquarium was really beautiful. You could see sharks, turtuls and a lot more! 
London Eye: London Eye was the main event fir this day! It took us a while to get in because of the line but it was worth it. The vyu was amazing and you could see all of London!! 
After this long day we sat down at a real nice british pub. Was a really good way to end the day! :)
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