Alice Springs

I got the oportunity to visit a family who lived in the Northern territory but more specific in Alice Springs. But this is also the place i got to learn more about the Aborigine and their culture.
The thing that is so amazing with Alice Spring is that you can only enter the city 2 ways.
1. The first one is by plane
2. The second one is through a entrens in the mountain.
The reason is Alice springs is located in a place were there is mountains all around the city!
When I walked in Alice Springs centrum and next to the mountain I got this feeling that I was in a western movie. It was a lot of stores made out of wood and and just the feeling of the arcitecture, but also that the main color from the city was red and brown. But one thing that I wasnt prepared for but should have been was that it was a lot of Aborigines who walking around in the city. I really felt like I was not supposed to be there. I was a little scared for some reason but I didnt want to say anything about it because I knew that I felt this way because I didnt know anything about their history or culture. It made me want to learn more!  
After that day we drove to Uluru that I will talk about another time.
When we got back to Alice Springs we went on a special dinner where a couple of Aborigines talked about their culture. It was so interesting to hear about how they lived and all the different group in the country, music, how they hunted, rituals and so on. I can say I after that I have an respect for them, Im not scared anymore. I was so happy that they wanted to share this with us!
On another note that was also the first time I tried kangoroo and emu.