Second day in Cannes

Today I have mostly been walking around at Midem conferens. It was fun to meet new people, but it was also a little hard for me because im not the best person to network. Doesnt come easy for me in situations like this to just walk up and talk to people.
After a couple of hours I decided to walk around Cannes by myself. I walked up to the church and the castle that lies on a hill in the middle of Cannes. The view was amazing from the castle. The funny thing that happend was that up in the castle two guys started speaking in swedish. On that moment I couldnt stop myself and walked up and asked if they wanted to have a picture. One of them got really surprised and happy and started laughing. Looks like they came from Gothenburg and both of them work in musik and VR. Had a really good time talking to them!
Know just have to wait and see what Im going to do tonight : )
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