Day 3 in Cannes

Today I did some more exploring on my own : ) I have heard so many things about the island that is 15 minuts from Cannes, that its beautiful and that the prison that the man in the iron mask was Held us located. Thought that I must see this! 
Before going I went to Cannes food market. It was really nice and so many things to choose from. And i can say that now i understand why people think that I look French. So many French people thinks that im French and start talking to me in French. They look really surprised when I ask them to speak english. But I fooled one when I was buying food. Thank you for knowing a little French!
Back to the Island. The Island was so cozy and beautiful with the architectur and the nature. This Island is a natrualreserve so that was really nice. Its not a big Island, if you decided to walk around its about 8 km. 
It was also interesting to see where the man in the iron mask was held. I thought it was a small cell, but it was kind of big. But also so interesting that no one knows who he was or how he looked like. 
After I went back to Cannes, looked in a couple of stores and rested before going to dinner. 
It has been a great day and tomorow is my last day. I wont be able to walk around tomorrow but its okey. I will be coming back : )
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