Day 31 - Photoshoot and Catan

Today I helped a friend with being a model. She is practicing taking photos and last year i helped by being her model, she wanted to do it this time again and im happy to help. It was just so cold!!! We met up around 7.30 and it was cold outside and windy and I was going to model in just a thin skirt and top. Luckily she really liked my jacket so I was allowed to have it on my a lot. This Photoshoot was also a little different because she had made a mermaid tail for me. it was really interesting because it was to big forme so she had to pin it when i satt on a deck. 
After i couldnt wait to get in and get some rest. Had a little jetlag after our flight back. 
Will put up photos next week. So have to wait :(
In the evening we celebrated Megans moms birthday with good food, mojito and a game of Catan. Catan is a boardgame were you have to build roads and settlements. Every settlements give you points and you have to come up to 10 points to win. If i would explain the game I would sitt and write for a while so I wont, Sorry. Can explain if someone asks nicely : ) 
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