Flight tips

Something everyone should know is that flying to Australia is not the easiest thing to do!!
When I have been flying the normal flight is past Frankfurt, Singapore and then Perth. The first flight takes about 3 Hours to Frankfurt and dont Think its easy there. The first time I was in Frankfurt I had no idea how big that airport was. All I did was to follow the crowed and that lead me to a train in the Airport that took me to the next gate. So you need more than 1 hour! I would recomend 3 hours to be safe.
After Frankfurt it takes about 12 hours to fly to Singapore and after that an 7 to 8 hours flight to Perth.

A couple of surgestions before going on a flight like this is:
1. Bring warm clothes! On the airplane it can get really cold sometimes so to bring an extra warm sweater you are going to thank yourself after.

2. Compression stockings and walking. When you are sitting down for so long in the end your legs are starting to tickle and it doesnt matter how much you try, it wont stop. The best thing is to put on compression stockings before going on the airplane. It really helps because the circulation in the legs is much better because on the pressure from the stockings. Another thing is to stand and walk around a lot in the plane. A couple of times i have been standing up for half an hour or so. But you also dont feel so trapped in your seat.

3. Bring something to do. A good book, Music or anything that makes the time go faster. Normaly at these flights you have a TV screen infront of you that you can Watch Movies, series, listen to muic, play games and more. One time I Think I watched 3 Movies straight just to pass the time. Luckely it was Movies I never seen before and Movies that I really wanted to see at the Movies but never did. It was a win win situation :)

4. Bring a pillow

5. Say Hi to the person next to you. Makes the trip much easier without an ackward silence.

6. Dont Think negative about the flight that also makes it worse. Just see it as a way to get to something Amazing and see it as an adventure.

And the most important thing is
7. Drink a lot of water and eat!!

I hope you got a couple of tips how to make a long flight easier. And its important because it takes 2 long flights to get to Australia and sometimes even longer. it really depends were you are going in Australia. If you are going to Sydney you can put about 5 more hours on that last flight. Australia is a really big country!! Really hope I didnt scare anyone of from going. Yes the flight is long, but its so Worth it in the end!!
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