First day at Shenton College

One differents between Shenton College and the other schools that I have gone to are at Shenton I had to wear a schooluniform everyday. Before my first day we went to try out and buy the uniform. The uniform had a dark blue skirt, blue or white shirt and a dark blue cardigan. It was really simple and we could wear neckless, have our hair as we wanted. So it was not strict. I really liked wearing it because I felt relived not to choose my clothes for school, worried that they would judge me for my clothes. 
Before the first day I got a list of all the subjects and was told to choose a couple of them. It was all from dance math, english, chemistry and so much more. I was so happy to finally choose what I wanted to study. I  chose English, drama, music, math, history and art. My choises was based on what I needed to learn for when I got back to Sweden. I had been exepted to a musicschool in Sweden where I was going to study drama, music, dance and more. So I wanted to learn more about these subjects before I got back. I choose english because I really wanted to earn more english, and that course would help me do that. And math I choose because I didnt wanted to forget anything.
My host mom drove me the first day and I was so nervous. I saw all of these people walking around in their uniforms talking. But I was also nerves because I didn't know how they would see me. I was a swedish girl that wasn't that good in english, really shy and what I had noticed was that australians is not that shy!
The headmaster showed me to all of my classes and came to meet me after every class to show me how to get around.
The most memorable of these classes when I walked into math, english and drama.

At the english class I was waiting outside the door and I just said to myself "Walk in"! The teacher hadn't arrived and I was just standing there at the door, holding my books close to myself and looked at my feet. I felt that all my classmates  was looking at me, they really must have wondered who I was. But I was just standing there for about 20 seconds because at my left a couple of girls started to wave at me for me to come. They were so happy and they kind of placed me in the middle like I was one of them. I have never felt so welcomed in my life. When the teacher arrived he didn't even notice me and the girls was yelling at him that I was here.
When I came to my math class the headmaster walked me in this time. But I wasn't prepared that when I walked through the door a girl started to yell and scream at a guy in the class and he was just sitting there laughting. I was praying  in my mind that I was not going to sit next to her! But ofcourse my wish didn't come true and now I'm really happy for that! That girl became my Best friend and she will always will be!
My first class in drama was really nice! The girl from math was also there so I felt really good that I knew someone. One guy that I had seen in a couple of my other classes said to me "Not you again!". Think he was tired of seing me. But then it was another girl that justt ran up to me and gave me a hug. She said she was so happy to meet me and that she wanted to intruduce herself.

I felt really welcomed and I don't think this would have happend in Sweden. These people are amazing!

First days in Australia

When I walked of the plane in Perth for the first time I was so nerves!! I was a girl that had grown up in a small town that you can walk to Everything, and now I had arrived to a city that is bigger than Swedens capital Stockholm. I had no ide what my new hostfamily was like. I had recived one email from them with a photo and that was it. I Think I also was nerves because I really wanted them to like me and I was scared to be a burden for them.
When I walked out the first thing I saw was a big sign that said "Welcome Charlotte" and there were 4 women standing there with big smiles waving at me. When I came up to them my hostmom gave me a big hug! I was so happy but also so surprised. I was used to people shacking hands when they meet someone for the first time, not huging. But I felt so welcomed at that moment. The other women was my 2 hostsisters and the other was a women from the Rotaryclub.
We didnt go back to their house straight away. We drove for a while showing me the city and my new school.

I can say it took me a couple of days before I got used to being away from my family and live with someone els. But after a while I got used to Everything and things became a rutin. I learned to take the buss and the train to school that I never done Before and I was so proud of myself!! Doesnt sound big, but it was to me. That was my first step to grow a Little more. One thing I loved to do when I went to school was when I walked over a bridge to the train and I always stopped looking over the water. You could always see dolphins swiming and playing in the clear blue water. That always made my day!

Before you go as an exchangestudent!

Being an exchangestudent was one of the best things I have ever done in my Life! I got to meet some of the best people, I got to see things I never thought I would and I got to learn a lot about myself.

But I have noticed after I got back that some people that decides to go doesnt realize what it means to be an exchangestudent and just see it as a way to get away from school and have a year of patying, but also a lot of them decides to go back home early or got sent home.

What everyone needs to think about before deciding to go as an exchangestudent is that you will be away for 1 year. Just to ask the question to yourself "Can I handle to be away for 1 year?"
Will you be able to be away from your family? from your pets? your boyfriend? just the l
ifestyle you have? Will you be able to leave all of this behind for one year? Have Heard about people that Went home because they couldnt be away from their dog.

Another thing to think about is who are you doing it for? Are you doing it for yourself or for someone els? Is it because your parents wants you to explore and learn something in Another country or do you want to learn something in another country?

To be an exchangestudent its not a way to have a year of and party. For that whole year you will go to school, learn about the country, the language and meet new people.
I new one exchangestudent that didnt go to school, lied to the hostfamily, wasnt interested in learning the language and was just partying. In the end that student was sent home. But what that student left behind was a broken and sad family. 
The family you will be living with is your family for that year, not a couple of people you can lie and be unpleasant to. They open their home to you, takes you to different places and see you as a daughter/son. They trust you!!

If you think about money aswell its not cheap to be an exchangestudent. It costs a lot of money, and normaly its the parents that pays for it. Do you feel comfortable letting you parents put all of this money on you if you are not even sure that you can be away for a year?

Now I hope that I got some peope to Think a little before becoming an exchangestudent. Because being one is not just about you!!!! And if you give all of this a chance you will have a great year. Its what you make of it!!