Home sweet home!

This is the last time i write on this blogg for this trip. Just got home to a warm, sunny Stockholm. I will start writing again next time I go and travel. Hope you all have enjojed Reading what I have been up to these 5 weeks! I have been busy! Now its time to start work and everything els : ) 
Big Hug from Charlotte!!!!


Sorry guys that I didnt write in Singapore :( really bad wi-fi!!!! 
My first flight was okey. The tv didnt work so I satt and studied for 5 hours. But I couldnt use my computer to study because they didnt have a plugg :( And im not happy with one of my friends because he spoke about planecrashes a lot a couple of hours before my flight!! Had a lot of turbulens!! Its not often that I het scared when I fly, but this time i was :(
On my flight i got a planeletter from Megan. Thank you so much for the frame!!!!
When I got to Singapore i didnt have that much time, so i had to almost run to get to the gate.
The 12 hour flight was good! Got two setts so i could study and sleep. Went really fast!!
When I got to Frankfurt I realised that security has really gone up. I got bombtested for the first time in my life.
Now im sitting by the gate waiting for my flight that leaves in a couple of hours. At 12.15 I will be on Swedish growned

Time to go home

Standing on the airport right now and I have just said goodbye to my bestfriends :( It doesnt get any easier! Doesnt matter how many times i do it, it just gets harder To say goodbye!! When I huged everyone today I really didnt want to let go!!! :( :( :(
Thank you Megan, Pixie, Sally, Todd, Yvonne, Guy, Luke, Marcha, Stefan, Sam, Hannah, Freya, Liza and everyone els that has been part of this trip and been part of making new memories! I will never forget them!!!! You will always have a big place in my heart!!  I will miss you!!
Hopefully i will see you all soon again!!
I will write next time when Im in Singapore.