Before you go as an exchangestudent!

Being an exchangestudent was one of the best things I have ever done in my Life! I got to meet some of the best people, I got to see things I never thought I would and I got to learn a lot about myself.

But I have noticed after I got back that some people that decides to go doesnt realize what it means to be an exchangestudent and just see it as a way to get away from school and have a year of patying, but also a lot of them decides to go back home early or got sent home.

What everyone needs to think about before deciding to go as an exchangestudent is that you will be away for 1 year. Just to ask the question to yourself "Can I handle to be away for 1 year?"
Will you be able to be away from your family? from your pets? your boyfriend? just the l
ifestyle you have? Will you be able to leave all of this behind for one year? Have Heard about people that Went home because they couldnt be away from their dog.

Another thing to think about is who are you doing it for? Are you doing it for yourself or for someone els? Is it because your parents wants you to explore and learn something in Another country or do you want to learn something in another country?

To be an exchangestudent its not a way to have a year of and party. For that whole year you will go to school, learn about the country, the language and meet new people.
I new one exchangestudent that didnt go to school, lied to the hostfamily, wasnt interested in learning the language and was just partying. In the end that student was sent home. But what that student left behind was a broken and sad family. 
The family you will be living with is your family for that year, not a couple of people you can lie and be unpleasant to. They open their home to you, takes you to different places and see you as a daughter/son. They trust you!!

If you think about money aswell its not cheap to be an exchangestudent. It costs a lot of money, and normaly its the parents that pays for it. Do you feel comfortable letting you parents put all of this money on you if you are not even sure that you can be away for a year?

Now I hope that I got some peope to Think a little before becoming an exchangestudent. Because being one is not just about you!!!! And if you give all of this a chance you will have a great year. Its what you make of it!!
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