3 Days left

Now its only three days left until I will be sitting on the plane to Perth. Cant wait!!
But I really start to get annoyed that everyday now I hear of planes were something has gone wrong. I'm not scared of flying, but please give me a break. Those are things I dont want to hear before a big flight!
Yesterday I started to make a list what I will be doing when i'm over and I realized that I have never been so busy when I visit Perth. I hope I will have time for all of it!
I will be: learning how to dive, swiming with dolphins, visiting familys I have lived with, paintball, birthdaypartys, traveling to Sydney, Gold coast and Brisbane, bowling and a lot more!
I just want to sitt by the beach and do nothing, maybe draw something, looking at the clouds and feel the wind and the sun in my face and just be at peace. That is something that I really have missed after a long winter. To just lie in the sand and just be.
But I also realized that I will miss a lot of people here in Sweden. The last time I have travled to Perth I hav'nt really missed anyone. But this time I will, some in particular! That makes me sad and happy. Sad because I will miss some people, but happy that when I come back some people will be waiting for me.
This trip is going to be awesome! And I cant wait for it to start!!! Will see you guys soon!!! :D
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