19 days

Only 19 Days left until I will be sitting on the plane to Perth. Time has gone so quickly! It feels like yesterday that I booked the tickets and that was almost a year ago. Now I have to start to Think about what to bring, when I have to be at the Airport, what I need to have with me on the plane. I have started a long list that only gets longer after every day. And the other thing I have to Think about is that Everything has to be done next week because I will be spend time with my family and I wont have time to do anything at that time. Just hope that Im not sitting on the plane and remembers something important.
Im stating t get a Little nerves about seeing everyone again. It has been more then a year since I have seen them. But it will be awesome!!

The first thing I want to do after I get of the plane I Think is to go to the beach and just lay in the sand for awhile. Just hope that it doesnt rain!
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