Day 3 - Poledancing, Lemon, lime & bitters and Poem

Today has been a day with a lot of new experiences.
The first thing I did was to go to a Poledancing course with Megan. I have never done it before and I was very suspicious about it. The place was really small with 2 different rooms. It was like walking into a cabaret or something. Fabric hanging down from the ceiling, partylights, hoops, poles and a lot more.
We got to try out all three of them starting with the fabrics and I realized I could do things like I did in 9th grade, like spinning upsidedown and all of that. But my arms and hands are going to hurt tomorow!!!
The net thing we tried was the pole. It took me a while to get the hang of it with the spinning, but in the end it worked. But for some reason I wwas so happy that I had been dancing before.
After the poles we tried the hoops. That took a lot of strength to do!!! To be able to turn upside down and all.
Putting a pic in the end : )
For lunch we picked up a friend of mine I havnt seen for 2 years! But Im so happy because it didnt feel weird to see him and It was like we saw eachother just the other day :)
In the eveing I have just been studying for the diving and now taking a break drinking Lemon, lime & bitters :) So good! But we had to go to the shops 2 times for it.
But when Megan was inside buying drinks I sat in the car because I forgot my driverslicens. But I couldnt help just listening to the crickets and looking at the stars. So nice to be able to stand outside and just looking at them and not feeling cold or anything.
A long time ago I wrote a poem and I thought it would be fun to put it up now.
At every shooting star a person makes a wish. A wish about life. A wish for hope and a wish for love. A love that is constant like all the stars in the sky. A love that is not afraid to show that that love is yours, to hold you in his arms or just holding your with his gaze. A love that is not afraid what people might think because all that matter is that you are together. A love that doesnt know the meaning of time and place. A love that the stars in the sky will look at and smile because that love is as beautiful as a thousand stars.
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