Day 22 - First day in Sydney

Well i feel like a girl in a candy shop! When I got out from the airport what i saw from the train was a really big city! With all kinds of buildings and so many people. But i must say im still happy that i went to Perth the first time, because if i remember myself 8 years ago this would have been to much for me. We decided to take the ferry to the house and from there we saw the opera house and the whole city! Unfortunately we got of the ferry a little to soon, so when we got of we had to walk up 8 high hills. If you think about San Francisco and all the hills in that city, Sydney is just like that. Its hills and hills, you cant get away from it. Im not saying its just like San Francisco but its close. When we got there it was an old house, the whole suburb was old and the streets looked like everyone had forgotten about it. I just started to compare it to perth. In the suburbs i have seen if Perth its new houses and really clean, here the paint had come of on all the houses and broken things and trees in the street. Not really my vision of Sydney. But i was happy to see another side of Sydney. It gave Sydney more of a feeling of a big city and that its more than the Opera house. But the thing I didn't like was that the house didn't have any internet 😞 but if you dont want to pay that much you have to lose something. We had planed to go up the Sydney tower and look at the view. Its a tower that spins and you can see all of Sydney. When we was on our way we without thinking about it wore dresses in the same color. One person asked if we were bridesmaids and another asked were we blue angels were going. Can say i will never wear a dress like that in Sydney again! They looked at me like they had never seen a girl in a dress! When we got there I found we were going to eat dinner there aswell. The view was amazing and we saw the sunset. After that we decided to go to the opera house because it was really nice weather. Clear sky with million stars and a full moon. Started to sing the song Moondance for myself. Well now no one can say i have never been to Sydney. I have photo with me and the opera house to prove it 😊 The opera house was really big, so I wasn't disappointed. After that we went back to the house. Cant wait until tomorrow! 
2016-04-22 @ 12:08:47
#1: Fanny

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