Day 20 - Walking, chocolate and Subiaco

Today I went to Subiaco to see a couple of friends. It was a really nice day so I decided to walk to the train, that took about 20 - 30 minuts, then I walked around Subiaco and satt in the park waiting. I have been here for almost 3 weeks and I still feel like Snow white (dark hair and really white skin) :( Well I have a little more than 2 weeks left so fingers crossed that I get lots of sun.
It felt good to meet my friends again and again we wore talking like it was yesterday we saw each other. We satt at a chocolate place in Subiaco. You can say its like espresso house but everything is different kinds of chocolate! A very dangeres place if you love chocolate!!
After that I walked back home again. I was back for 10 minuts when I heard voices in the livingroom. Went in to see who it was and it was my best friends brothers friend who said he had been knocking for 30 minuts without anyone opening. And started to in a funny way blame me for not hearing the door. Must have been a long 10 minuts for him to say he was standing 30 minuts!
In the evening I went for another walk with the dogs. Think I will sleep well tonight after today. Think I have taken my steps for today.
Calm day, but I think I will need it for the days that will come!!
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