Day 16 - Treasurehunt and Elizabeth Quay

Today was  really good day!
My day started with I meet up with my friend Sally to spend a couple of hours with her. Last time we went to the museum but this time she wanted to go for a Geocaching. Its like a treasurehunt that people do all over the world. People hide boxes all over the world for people to find. Some have something in it that you can take, but you have to put something back. I was really excited! The first one we couldnt find, we didnt even know what it looked like. The second one we couldnt find either :( I was close to climing in a tree but decided that it wasnt worth it. The third one was a lot harder to get to the location, and we dont really know if we found it. When we got to the location we found a wall with graffiti and boxes on the wall with art, so it might have been the art. Cant say Im disappointed, was really amazing to see, hidden away in a alleyway. Would never have gone in if it wasnt for the map.
After that I waited outside my friends work and one thing happend that made me smile from ear to ear. I was sitting on a bench and an older mn came up to me. I thought first he wanted to sit on the bench so I moved a little so he could get some more room. But he started to point at my legs and asked me what had happend. I had shorts on and my big bruises was really easy to see (after the paintball). I really think he thought someone had beaten me, and when I told him it was from paintball he looked to relived! Feels so good to know that some people have the courage to walk up to someone and ask that and really care!!!
After that we went out to dinner in Perth. In Perths centrum they had put up different stands with food. It was a lot of music, people and I just loved the feeling to walk around there.
Then we walked to Elizabeth Quay who is a new place in Perth. Some people have said that its not that great. But when we got there they had so many lights, art and a man played a saxophone. It was amazing to walk around there, just sit and think and listen to the music. I really hope I get to go back. Really loved it!!!
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