Day 11 - Birthday dinner

Today one of my mates turned 24 and I went to his birthday dinner with his family and friends. Was so much fun! We played a couple of games, ate good food and talked. 
I was a little nerves when I gave him his birthday present. I found it in Sweden and I really thought that it was perfect for him. It was a beer glass with a bell. On the glass there was a couple of instruction. 
1 ring - one more beer
2 rings - one more round for everyone
3 rings - take out the whole storage
4 rings - where is the bathroom??
When he opened it he was really happy and excited! Was so relieved! Even if I havnt seen him for a long time, I still know him : D
His girlfriend had also her kids over and it was fun to talk to them, they remind me of my nieces back home.
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