Sorry guys that I didnt write in Singapore :( really bad wi-fi!!!! 
My first flight was okey. The tv didnt work so I satt and studied for 5 hours. But I couldnt use my computer to study because they didnt have a plugg :( And im not happy with one of my friends because he spoke about planecrashes a lot a couple of hours before my flight!! Had a lot of turbulens!! Its not often that I het scared when I fly, but this time i was :(
On my flight i got a planeletter from Megan. Thank you so much for the frame!!!!
When I got to Singapore i didnt have that much time, so i had to almost run to get to the gate.
The 12 hour flight was good! Got two setts so i could study and sleep. Went really fast!!
When I got to Frankfurt I realised that security has really gone up. I got bombtested for the first time in my life.
Now im sitting by the gate waiting for my flight that leaves in a couple of hours. At 12.15 I will be on Swedish growned
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