Day 38 - Sally and sore throat

Today I spent the morning celebrating Sally on her birthday for breakfast. Was really nice! It was also the last time this trip that I get to see her :( I started to cry when I said goodbye to her! I really dont like saying goodbye! I know its see you later but its still hard. Dont know when I will see her again : ( 
After we went to the grills for lunch, was really nice, but the reason I mention it its because I saw a really nice wallpainting close by. Really nice to see art like that on buildings. Gives more color to everything around.
In the evening a couple of familymembers came over for dinner and to play Catan. Its really interesting to play this game. it is a game but for in this game its more then that!
I almost had a chance of winning but Megan was nice to block me :( :( think I need to buy this game so i can practis!!
I really dont like my throat!!!!! When i started to play my throat got really sore!!!!!! PLEASE I dont want to get sick on the plane or when I get home!!!!!!!! Will try to take as much medicin as i can!!!!!!!!!!!!
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