Day 37 - Photoshot and pizza

Today I woke up on my mates soffa. Was a little stiff after that! I like to sleep on soffas but it would have been better if I could keep my legs straight.
After that we went to see my friend to so I coupld see the photos that she took. I liked them, but I must say its different to see myself like that. Im not a model! But Im happy that I did it :)
And for the second time we decided to go bowling. This time I won the first game but not the second game. Well I think he won this time, so have to wait until next time to beat him.
On the evening it was pizza night so we made our own pizza. It was fun but something was wrong with the ovan so it took a little longer than we expected.
Think its also time for me to start packing. Will go home in 2 days, so need to find everything. Has happend that I rememberd on the plane things I forgot!! Dont want that to happen again!
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