Day 35 - Bowling and drinks

Today i did something that I have been waiting for. And that is the traditional bowlinggame. Every time I come over i have this competition with Megans brother who can beat who. Last time we played I won 5 games in a row! He wasnt happy!! This time he won the first game with 3 point :( The second game he won aswell but with not that much again. But the third one : D he said after 5 minuts that he should have quite while he could! I beat him with almost dubble!! Think I got 145 points with 3 striks and a couple of spares. 
After that we drove around and was looking at costumes for a Disney party next week. Sad that I cant go, that would have been awesome! 
Then we went out with 2 other friends for a drink. Sad that i couldnt talk as much as i wanted to with one of them because all of his other friends was there. Well i will be seeing him on the airport. 
But something happend that i will never do again is to forget my passport!! I had to go back and get it because they wouldnt let me in. I had my driverslicense, but that didnt help. But i got a free drink from the guard because of it so im happy :D
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