Day 34 - last dinner with another hostfamily and singing

Today I had the last dinner with another hostfamily. The one that lived near canning bridge. The thing that made this evening so great was that me and the younges daughter decided to try the songs that we sang together 8 years ago. She still had the book with the notes we sang from. In the notes all the C's were i was singing and the H's for were she was singing was still there. The songs was Beauty and the beast, Feed the birds, God help the outcast and My favorit things. Another song that we didnt have on notes was A dream is a wish your heart makes and that one we always sang with a mix of swedish and english. Her mom filmed us doing it, a fun memory to have. But it also felt so good to sing again, I have really missed it! 
Also my hostdads mom came over when she heard that I was over. The first thing she said to me was that I havnt changed a bit, you look exactly the same. Maybe i do for some people and some people i have changed a lot.
Really hope that I get to see them soon again! 
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