First days in Australia

When I walked of the plane in Perth for the first time I was so nerves!! I was a girl that had grown up in a small town that you can walk to Everything, and now I had arrived to a city that is bigger than Swedens capital Stockholm. I had no ide what my new hostfamily was like. I had recived one email from them with a photo and that was it. I Think I also was nerves because I really wanted them to like me and I was scared to be a burden for them.
When I walked out the first thing I saw was a big sign that said "Welcome Charlotte" and there were 4 women standing there with big smiles waving at me. When I came up to them my hostmom gave me a big hug! I was so happy but also so surprised. I was used to people shacking hands when they meet someone for the first time, not huging. But I felt so welcomed at that moment. The other women was my 2 hostsisters and the other was a women from the Rotaryclub.
We didnt go back to their house straight away. We drove for a while showing me the city and my new school.

I can say it took me a couple of days before I got used to being away from my family and live with someone els. But after a while I got used to Everything and things became a rutin. I learned to take the buss and the train to school that I never done Before and I was so proud of myself!! Doesnt sound big, but it was to me. That was my first step to grow a Little more. One thing I loved to do when I went to school was when I walked over a bridge to the train and I always stopped looking over the water. You could always see dolphins swiming and playing in the clear blue water. That always made my day!
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