Day 9 - packing up the house

Today has been a day were i have mostly been in a car, but also a day were i got to spend some time with my old hostmom. First we droped the boys of at school, drove to a really nice place by the beach and had breakfast, back to the house and started to pack up stuff because the are doing renovation to their house. I was happy to help, and it felt good helping them with things so it would go faster.
Then we went for a walk with the familys dog. A funny storie with that dog is that i was the reason they got her. One day 8 years ago my hostdad asked me what i thought about giving my hostmom a dog. She had been talking to me a lot about having a dog. So i satt there in the car convincing him to let her have a dog. A couple of weeks later a small Jack Russel moved in. She was so happy! But my bad the dog started to eat my feet. I couldnt be in the house without shoes : ( luckily she has stoppet doing it : D
Then we went to pick up the boys from school and walked around in Clermont.
Then in the night we had a BBQ with the whole family. Something i have missed, my hostdads cooking!!
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