Day 7 - Clermont and roses

Cant believe that it was 7 days ago I was sitting on the plane on my way to Perth! Time goes quickly!
So no diving today :( looks like my ear turned really red and didn't feel good at all. So if it doesn't get better tomorow looks like I have to take something for it :( not happy!
So instead I went to Clermont, one of my favorit places in Perth. What I like about it is the arcitectur that has an old feeling to them and the trees in the center. I was just walking around, lying in the grass in the park, went to the musicstore Zenith and bought a book with 200 easy classical songs (now I have to start playing the piano again!) and walked to the rosegarden that was close by. It was a really good day, just taking it easy and walked around.
Down I will put a couple of pictures from my day at Clermont and the rosgarden :)
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