Day 6 - Diving and problems

Today was my first day at the diving course. Everything started with that we had to take an exam. Was really nerves about that!! After spending 16 hours studying for this i really hoped that i would remember everything. When i was sitting there and when checked the questions it was on some of them really hard like what do you do when you are out of air? It so many options to consider and also depending on the situation if someone is close or not. When we checked the answers i was so happy that out of 50 i only got 5 wrongs! 😄
After that we went to the swimingpool. We first learned how to put our gear together. We wore standing there for a long time just taking things apart and on again. I got the hang of it quickly, wasnt as hard as i thought it was gonna be. 
But when i for the first time i put the gear on i almost fell backwards! It was so heavy and it felt like it was puching my whole body down. When i went down on one of my knees to get something I couldnt get back up again!! 
But it was so much easier when i got into the pool. I was really flotting because of my BCD (diving vest) but it took me a while to find my balance. Im not used to flotting.
First we went down 2 meters and my first breath under water was amazing and scary at the same time. We did a couple of things like take out renerator out of or mouths and put it back, take our masks of for a minut and then put it back and take out the water from the mask. Sounds crazy but that was the first time i opend my eyes under water. The thing that i saw was amazing! I couldnt see the people before me, but what I saw was the water and in the middle it was a bright light. Almost like I had the sun infront of me but it didnt hurt my eyes looking at it. It was so beautiful!!
After that we went down to 9 meters. And thats were the problem started. When i started to go down my right ear really started ti hurt! I tried to realize the presure but it didnt work : ( went up again for another try but the same thing happend again. I was really close to be sent home but one of the assistents took his time and we went down really slowly. First 2 meters and stayed, 2 more and waited and the last thing i know I was at the bottom : ) we did a couple of things and then went up. When we got up my ear was still blocked. Luckily my friends dad is a docter. Looks like my right ear is really red and my nose started to get blocked.
Have to wait an see tomorow if i will be able to dive or do it another day : ( just have to think positiv that i will be here for a couple of weeks. Its not over : )
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