Day 4 - Beach and a warm day

Today was one of the warmest days so far with 31 degrees. Might sound a lot but Im glad for that, dont feel like spending a day at the beach when its more than 40 degrees like in the Australian summer. This weather is like a good swedish summer but here its soon winter. Its hard to believe sometimes the differents beetween Sweden and Australia. In our winter its there summer and in our summer its there winter. But the last summer in sweden was like Australias winter. Think that Australia had better wather than us at midsommer :( not fair!
Today we went to Triggbeach in Perth. A really nice beach with rocks around, different places you can walk with your dogs and a lot more. Its also a nice place just sitting down ín a café and you have the whole view over the sea!
After that we didnt do that much. Me and my friend went around a couple of shops and bought 2 dresses. Sounds really borring but I havnt bought any clothes in sweden for months because I wanted to save money so I could buy them here. More fun to walk around in clothes I know no one in Sweden will wear :)
Now it time to study for school and for my diving course!! Cant wait!!!
2016-04-03 @ 12:54:35

Ser helt underbart ut!

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