Day 29 - Homesickness and Brisbane

I know its just about one week left of my holiday here in Australia, but I must say I really miss Stockholm. I miss my family, all my friends in Stockholm, my coworkers and my job, my choir, my voluneerjobs. I just miss my life in Stockholm. I feel horrible to say this because I Love everyone here in Australia more then i can say. But their are people I also miss so much in Sweden and Stockholm. I never thought I would find a place I wanted to stay in, but it looks like I have. I sat in our appartment in Brisbane and was talking to my mom. Felt so good to talk to someone from back home. All I can say is that Im ready to come home! 
Today we took the train from Gold coast to Brisbane. My first impression of Brisbane was relief. Brisbane is not a big city like Sydney or a city with a lot of turists, but a cmitt with a calm and nice feeling. When we got to the appartment the first thing I saw was the amazing view of Brisbane. Was like we had the whole city in the appartment, the whole wall was just window and i just satt down on the floor and just looked out. I could sitt there all day!
The rest of the day we just took it easy, walked around a little. Like I said Brisbane is not like Sydney with a lot of things to do.
This evening it will be good food in the appartment and the view : )
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