Day 28 - Draculas!

Today 2 things has happend. 
The first one is that we drove around the center of the city and walked by the beach. Was really nice to see the city, but all the high buildings was just hotels and evrrywhere i turned i saw turists walking around. Heard later that this is the city were almost every student in australia goes to before they graduate. 
The second thing that happend today was Draculas! Draculas is a cabaret show with a 3 cours dinner, a lot of alcohol, music, acrobats, comedy and a lot more. The them of the show was vampires. When we got in it started with we were trapped in a room with coffins and a voice that explaind what would happen. Then one of the coffins on the wall opened and we ended up in the bar. Because we were vip we got a free glas of champagne. After we had to jump into a train to get to the dinner room. It was like a ghost train and a couple of times i was close to drop my glas because things jumped out of nowhere. 
When we got there it was big room with a lot of tables and a big stage! I think the people that served us liked to scare us because sometimes out of nowhere they would come behind us and scream. 
The show was great! They were so funny and the music was great! We also found out on the train they had filmed us and showed evrryone on a big screen :D
We saw a dead horse, a striping skeleton and a lot more. But i must say a couple of times i was wondering if i was at a stripshow. 
But i really had a great time!!!
2016-04-28 @ 22:02:12


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