Day 24 - Third day in Sydney

Why rain!! Most of this day it has just been raining, windy and cold. It was like a typical day in Sweden.
But we didnt let the rain stop us. First we went on a 3 hour long free tour with a guide. The guide was one of the most funniest guides i ever meet! Just the way she spoke and how she told the stories made us laugh. Can really recommend if anyone goes to Sydney!!!
A couple of stories that I loved was about Sydneys hospital and the Queen Victoria statue.
The hospital is actully called "the Rom hospital". Under the time Sydney was build one man wanted to build a hospital. He sent a message to England about sponsoring this project, but they said no because Sydney was a place where England sent all of their prisoners, and they didnt care. So what he did was to talk to 3 men in the alcohol business. Because one thing that the people loved was their alcohol. He said that they can get all of the money from the alcohol business for 3 years but you have to put some of the money to build the hospital. So thats what they did. So the hospital was created by the alcohol business.
Another story was about the big statue of Queen Victoria outside "the Queen Victoria building". 
I know i have some irish friends so please dont take ofence. But it looks like Sydney recived that statue from Irland. They said that the statue was in storage and then sent to Sydney, but looks like the statue wasnt in storage but at the metalljunk.
Nice way to do it.
Another place that I loved was a street way and in the street an artist had hung about 30-40 cages. These cages represents all the birds that used to live in Sydney but couldnt live there because of the Europeans that arrived. Its called Forgotten Song, and the artist put bird noices from all the birds so people can here them and wrote their name in the street. 
After the tour we went to the Rocks market. A really nice market in the rocks who is the oldest place in Sydney. 
After a day out we went to dinner with Megans family that lives in Sydney. Was nice to meet them! They reminded me a lot of a couple of friends of mine in Sweden!
No just 1 1/2 day left until we go to Gold coast!!
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