Day 19 - Scuba diving and Fremantle

Today I finally became a scuba diver! Because I didnt have many days left to plan in stuff they decided that I would do 2 days (4 dives) in one day (so tired after!!!). It went really well and fast because I was the only one doing it. I thought I wouldnt remember stuff because it was more than 1 week ago I did the first day. But I was surprised that I rememberd everything! I got to see a shipwreck, different kinds of fish and seahorses. Cant wait to do it again! Just to be underwater and see this world was amazing.
After that we went to dinner with my friend Stefan. We went to Fremantle and walked around but me and Stefan couldnt help it and climed a climeframe. Did it in heels but it worked, just had to do it carefully, and it was raining. Looks like I took the rain with me from Sweden, But they are really happy for it, looks like it hasnt rained that much. So im happy its raining!
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