Day 18 - Photos from swiming with dolphins

Today I havnt done that much. Needed to get a little more sleep after last night partying. But when I got out of bed we drove and printed pictures and bought a frame for a birthday present to Pixie from Megan. She wanted to give it to him straight away so we satt in a shopping mall putting pictures in the frame in the foodcourt. People started to look at us, but I dont really care. Was so much fun!
He was really happy when he got it. It was pictures of friends and family. Just hope he puts it up!!
On the evening we started to plan what we are going to do in Sydney, Gold coast and Brisbane. I think Im going to be really tired after that week!!!!
Didnt take any pictures today but I recived photos from when we wore swiming with the dolphins. Now you can see what I got to see. Must say again, it was amazing!!! And say again if anyone wants to do it its in Rockingham :)
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