Day 15 - Swiming with dolphins, wakebording and Kingspark

Today was awesome!!! 
Went up early in the morning and got picked up by my friend Pixie and we drove to Rockingham to swim with dolphins. When we hot there it was a lot of people and I started to get scared it would start raining. Been waiting for this for more than 2 years and I really didnt want anything to ruin it!!
We got swimsuits and info on the boat and then we started to look for them. It took about 30 to one hour before we found them. 
When we got into the water it was amazing! There was about 5 dolphins and they wore so close that I almost could touch them. And one of them was only a couple of months old!! 
We got in the water and looked at them a couple of times before going back.
After the dolphins we decided to go wakebording! Never done it before so I was really nerves! I started with an instructur on the practis field and had pixie watching and supporting. First two times i just fell on my face in the water. But after that i dont know what happend! I just got it and I was so surprised when I got around the first time. The instructer asked me if i had done snowboarding before, havnt but skiing. So looks like that all those years of skiing payed of. But when we got to the faster one it didnt go that well. It was much faster, the pull was greater and tired in my armes so that didnt work that well. But Im so happy that I tried and it went pretty well.
Will put photos and video up later and more photos from the dolphins.
After that we meet Megan in Kings park and went for a walk. Was really nice just to walk around and talk to my two closes friends!!!!
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