Day 14 - 2 weeks and sleepless night

I know that not everyone knows that Im on holiday and the time difference is 6 hours from Sweden. But this night I was so frustrated!! In the middle of the night my phone started to ring. When I checked the number it was a Stockholm number. Didnt know if it was important or someone I knew so I answerd. A woman started to talk about insurance and stuff. Luckily she just said what she wanted to talk about and I told her that I was on holiday and its in the middle of the night. Was relieved when I heard that she was really sorry and she hoped I had a good sleep and hung up after 10 seconds. 
Sounds fine. What does one phonecall! The problem was about one hour later my phone rang again! A Stockholmsnumber again but this time it was about electricity!! This time I told hom that I dont want to be rude in anyway but its in the middle of the night for me. He sounded a little moddy but said sorry and hung up. I couldnt fall asleep after that!! 
Have to start to think about turning the sound of my phone. But the thing is you never know who will call you, could be something important or something els. I just hope that i wont get these calls again!
So the whole day I have been so tired!! 
But after going on a walk with my friends parents and their dogs I woke up alittle. Took the opportunity to practice to take photos. They turned out pretty good!
In the evening i went for a walk at City Beach with Megan and watched the sunset! Great way to end the day!!
Cant believe that I have already been here for 2 weeks!! It feels like I came yesterday, time goes quickly! Just about a little more than 3 weeks left. If these weeks went that quick Im guessing these weeks will go just as quick.
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