Day 13 - Hillarys and free icecream

As yesterday this has been a really quiet day!! But I had more then the dogs for company this time : )
But at the evening I went to Hillary harbour because today ben and Jerry had free icecream! 
It was raining but I didnt really care. Hillarys is so nice to walk around!
it's right by the ocean, a lot of boats and the its like a mall with small stores but its all made out of wood. It has a special feeling that is hard to find and its a place you could stay the whole day!! 
After that in the car back home i had a really funny conversation with my friends about going out on Saterday. Must say starting for some reason to get a little nerves but really excited! Some of the people im going out with I havnt meet before. But it will be fun : ) meet some new people.
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